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Throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest, many established, smaller middle-market companies are flush with capital assets, proven means of production and great growth potential. But all too often, these companies lack the resources and infrastructure needed to innovate in order to accelerate growth. However, in the hands of a private equity firm with the right capital, competencies and commitment, these firms can deliver substantial returns.

FCF Partners, LP is a Wisconsin-based private equity fund committed to helping smaller middle-market companies accelerate and sustain their growth.

FCF was founded in 1999 as a $130 million fund by Gus Taylor and the late Robert L. Zobel. Bob brought more than 35 years of corporate finance and private equity experience, including 30 years at the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB), to begin a fund that made control investments in smaller middle-market companies with strong growth potential.

Today, the FCF team apply expertise, capital, a network of resources and innovative thinking to create value for investors in this underserved sector of the marketplace. FCF has developed a value creation model that infuses technology, a culture of innovation and a global perspective into our portfolio companies. We apply our expertise actively-from acquisition to exit and at all points in between.

In the end, FCF does more than provide resources to established companies that are poised for growth. We help the companies we acquire start strong and finish stronger, by transforming themselves into niche market leaders-thereby delivering significant returns to all of our stakeholders.

"FCF has a team of investment professionals and executive partners who have spent the majority of their careers in institutions with a leading market share in the State of Wisconsin. That gives FCF the edge in connecting with management in sourcing transactions and also understanding transitional needs after a transaction has closed."

- Scott Roeper

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