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Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest: We call this region home. FCF is deeply committed to making a positive economic impact in our communities. We’re also committed to living by the Midwestern values we were brought up with-hard work, humility, honesty and perseverance. These commitments drive us to actively apply our expertise, culled from decades of experience and key professional relationships in a variety of established industries, to help our portfolio companies capitalize on niche market leadership positions. Our well-defined geographic franchise enables us to source and close attractive deals with smaller middle-market companies in our target market.

Other funds tend to overlook this market in favor of larger opportunities in bigger markets. But FCF brings private equity to rural and urban, smaller middle-market companies, where buyouts are more likely to be structured on a proprietary basis with seller participation. It’s unique territory, with unique growth potential.

To make the most of these opportunities, FCF taps the seasoned business acumen of a team of individuals who have deep knowledge and experience in specific industries or functional areas. These Executive Partners, who typically serve on the boards and sometimes act as chairmen of portfolio companies, bring exceptional expertise to our collaborative model of management. In addition, Executive Partners are typically offered the opportunity to invest in our portfolio companies, ensuring they have a committed stake in performance.

The FCF Leadership
Gus F. Taylor (Senior Managing Partner)
Scott D. Roeper (Managing Partner)
G. Woodrow “Woodie” Adkins (Managing Partner)
Paul J. Raab (Managing Partner)

Gus F. Taylor (Senior Managing Partner) Mr. Taylor, guides the overall strategy and direction of the fund and is the primary investor liaison. He leads or has led the Fund I investment teams for rondelé Specialty Foods, LLC; CERAC, and Alkar-RapidPak and Sani-Matic. Mr. Taylor has spent the last 10 years in the private equity business. He previously held a partnership position at Lubar & Company, a family-owned private equity partnership. During his 25 years at Firstar Bank (now US Bank), Mr. Taylor held a number of leadership positions including in the Bank’s International operations, both in London and the U.S., as well as founding and developing its Capital Markets Group.

Scott D. Roeper (Managing Partner) With a career that has spanned 24 years in the Upper Midwest marketplace, Mr. Roeper, is active in the origination of new transactions and in leading teams responsible for several portfolio companies. He also has led the effort to restructure and improve the industrial companies in Fund I. In particular, Mr. Roeper has spearheaded the Fund’s global markets initiatives to improve the competitive nature of the industrial portfolio companies in a global sourcing environment. He has spent seven years in the private equity business, with related experience during his tenure at Prudential Capital. In addition to serving on each board, he leads the teams responsible for Sivyer Steel, Riverside Engineering, Kolpin Outdoors and Kolpin Powersports, and Seattle Systems. Mr. Roeper previously held leadership positions at Firstar Bank (now US Bank), Harris Bank and Prudential Capital.

G. Woodrow “Woodie” Adkins (Managing Partner) Mr. Adkins, provides operational and executive leadership in selected portfolio companies and will provide overall operational direction and guidance to Fund II as a Partner. He has 14 years of principal investing experience. As the Senior Executive Partner of Fund I, Mr. Adkins has either served on or is serving on the boards of directors of rondelé Specialty Foods, LLC; Kolpin Outdoors, Inc. (Chairman); Thiel Cheese & Ingredients, LLC (Chairman); and the Alkar-RapidPak, Sani-Matic group (Chairman). Prior to his involvement with FCF, he was President of ConAgra’s Deli Company and Armour Food Service businesses. He served for 15 years as President of Wis-Pak Foods, leading the team that grew Wis-Pak’s revenues 800 percent. Mr. Adkins previously held leadership or ownership positions at Armour, Swift, Eckrich Deli and Food Services Company; Swift & Co.; Turnaround Capital Partners, LLC; New Glarus Foods, Inc.; and Acme Machell Rubber Products Company.

Paul J. Raab, CFA (Managing Partner) Mr. Raab, is responsible for originating transactions and certain fund administrative functions, as well as overseeing the fund’s investment banker relationships and exit strategies. Mr. Raab is on the boards of and manages the teams involved with Waukesha Foundry, Inc.; Oshkosh Floor Designs, Inc.; and Thiel Cheese and Ingredients, LLC. He previously held various leadership positions in Capital Markets at Firstar Bank (now US Bank).

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