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  Transformational Framework
Start Strong. Finish Stronger.

FCF specializes in the accelerated transformation of companies with great growth potential and a record of solid performance.

Whenever we acquire a company, we apply our Transformational Framework and promptly provide strategic insight, management disciplines, systems and resources (expertise and dollars) to create lasting value.

How else do we help these companies break through to niche market leadership?

  • Local Focus - Leveraging decades of experience and wide-ranging business relationships in the region, we invest in established companies primarily in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. FCF has extensive expertise and contacts in our home region, which means we can identify optimum business partners to maximize efficient growth, from suppliers to marketers to distributors and more.
  • Industry Expertise - We complement our extensive business expertise with a network of resources strategically focused in specific industries. Our team of Executive Partners with deep industry experience helps us set resources, strategy and practices in motion to transform our portfolio companies into market leaders.
  • Strong Management - FCF believes that each company should be run by the best managers available-individuals who are fully focused on creating value. In most situations, strong management comes with the acquisition and is a principal reason for FCF’s interest in the investment. However, when it is necessary to supplement management, we have a long record of attracting the highest-caliber managers for portfolio companies. In addition to attracting talented executives, FCF has been an innovator in its work to structure management incentives and compensation plans that align the interests of management and shareholders.
  • Effective Oversight - We install a rigorous infrastructure to monitor corporate results on a consistent basis. FCF principals and Executive Partners are involved in all aspects of a company’s business, from helping set strategic direction to corporate development efforts, to building global connections, to assisting in recruiting and team building efforts.
  • A Culture of Innovation - A commitment to fresh ideas (new technology, new processes, new markets) is critical to successful growth. That’s why FCF cultivates a culture that encourages and rewards innovation at our portfolio companies. Then we back it up with the resources and strategic planning it takes to leverage innovative ideas.
  • Corporate Development - FCF’s portfolio companies are also opportunistic in both buying and selling businesses. FCF has served as an important catalyst, offering an array of contacts as well as its own vast experience in executing transactions.
  • Global Perspective - FCF’s international experience inspires us to bring a global perspective and broader market competencies, including a global business development infrastructure that produce expanded opportunities for growth in a rapidly developing global marketplace.
  • Arranging Financing - We optimize the capital structure of each portfolio company, taking advantage of opportunities in capital markets to obtain lower-cost funds or added flexibility. FCF’s principals have extensive experience in all areas of corporate finance activities, including arranging and providing capital for companies in the same space in which we invest. We have deep, longstanding relationships in the financing community, helping ensure timely completion of critical financings on terms and conditions that provide flexibility for growth.
Excellence Accelerated

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