Global Business Development
Seizing Opportunity Worldwide

The continuing advance of globalization holds great potential for smaller middle-market U.S. companies. Rapidly developing economies in Asia, particularly those of China and India, present opportunities for low-cost manufacturing, expanded production capacity and a vast new customer base.

For all the business leaders who envision success in these markets, however, just as many find that their companies don’t have the people, processes and practices necessary to overcome the significant challenges associated with global business development. By acting to bridge this disconnect, FCF adds exceptional value to our portfolio companies. FCF has developed sophisticated sourcing processes, established infrastructure and business relationships, and recruited talented, bilingual personnel on the ground in overseas markets.

People, Processes Producing Global Results
A business that attempts global deals without the proper people and processes in the relevant markets leaves itself vulnerable to a host of threats to quality assurance, the supply chain and intellectual property, among other dangers. To accelerate success in the new global economy, it takes extensive financial and intellectual investment-negotiating complicated international deals, navigating a nuanced ethical landscape, overseeing critical design and manufacturing functions, bridging cultural gaps and overcoming language barriers. The time, money and personnel FCF already has put toward these efforts give our firms a decided edge over competitors.

In markets such as Hong Kong, where FCF has incorporated a local subsidiary, we quickly have organized infrastructure and personnel for our portfolio companies. Just as quickly, the costs of these initiatives have been recouped. FCF’s Global Business Development initiatives have achieved:
  • 20 to 50 percent reduction in operating costs-saving several million dollars.
  • Significant increases in revenues leveraged across the same fixed cost base.
  • A 35 percent reduction in freight costs.
  • Stronger, more value-added partnerships with key customers.
Global Business

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