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FCF strives to bring local presence, market knowledge and Midwestern values to the private equity marketplace. The people we do business with trust us to deliver on our promises-and accelerate growth. Click on the links for detailed information on how we can build value for you.

For Investors and Investment Advisors
For Business Owners, Agents and Advisors
For Management
For Other Financing Sources

For Investors and Investment Advisors
At FCF, we actively apply expertise, capital and innovative ideas to transform portfolio companies into top-performing market leaders. Investors and investment advisors turn to FCF for a variety of reasons:

  • We seek opportunities in companies that are poised to produce significant growth with the right mix of capital and resources.
  • FCF focuses on underserved areas with potential for greater returns.
  • We are committed to actively applying appropriate strategies, best practices and resources to accelerate growth.
For Business Owners, Agents and Advisors

The FCF team has deep experience and a comprehensive understanding of even the most complex transactions. Work in our target sector often involves family-owned businesses with unique goals and concerns. We provide prompt, honest feedback on opportunities presented to us-and efficient execution of all the deals we make. Owners, agents and advisors trust FCF in many situations:

  • When seeking to quickly complete a sale transaction.
  • When in need of a highly structured transaction that isn’t well suited to an auction process. FCF has successfully executed a wide range of these transactions.
  • When former shareholders seek to retain an interest in their business. In many instances, we have helped create liquidity for business owners’ estates while allowing them to benefit from the future opportunities created by their businesses under FCF ownership.
For Management

In situations where managers seek to acquire a business they are already leading, these teams benefit greatly from partnering with a private equity sponsor that has experience in assembling the entire capital structure. Management teams partner with FCF because:

  • Whether as a member of management, as a lender or institutional investor, as an advisor, or as a principal investor, the team at FCF has deep experience with and understanding of working with management in the often difficult task of acquiring a company.
  • With deep relationships throughout the capital markets, FCF’s team is uniquely qualified in this arena.
  • A broad range of experience across many different types of businesses makes the FCF team capable of quickly identifying how best to assist managers in achieving their goals, from getting the deal done to building an even more successful company.
For Other Financing Sources

FCF welcomes the opportunity to partner with other financing sources to evaluate opportunities in our target market. These investors include:

  • A mezzanine fund looking for a sponsor.
  • A commercial bank looking for capital to help close a deal.
  • Other private equity funds looking to partner with us.
  • Individual investors needing additional capital resources.

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